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Tasks description

The Network Administrator is responsible for the computer network. He manages workstations, user accounts, Internet connectivity, including routers, modems, firewalls, proxy, virtual private networks (VPN). Depending on the type of organization, the Network Administrator is also in charge of telephony (conventional, VoIP, Mobile). Sometimes the Network Administrator can also act as System Administrator and manages servers (Windows, Linux / Unix). Common tasks of the Network Administrator include: Network cable management (physical connection between several machines), routing management (logical connection between inside and outside the network or across multiple subnets), security management (antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention etc.), management of user access rights (network access, etc.).

Required skills

The Network Administrator must have a good general knowledge in IT: Internet connectivity, communication protocols, operating systems, software, hardware. The Network Administrator must also have a good knowledge in network security (antivirus, firewall, intrusion tests etc.). He is a resourceful, organized and likes solving technical problems and develop procedures to improve network efficiency. To work as Network Administrator in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become a Network Administrator, it is recommended to follow a technical training in IT to obtain a college or university degree. It is also recommended for the Network Administrator to update its knowledge through specific training and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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