Immigrate and work in Quebec, Canada

Every year, Québec hosts numerous of foreign workers to meet its demand for skilled labor. Montreal, which IT industry is very dynamic, welcomes the majority of immigrants that have a professional experience in the IT field.

You are a IT professional and want to immigrate to Quebec in order to work in IT in Montreal?

Here are the different ways to get a work permit, mandatory document in order to work in Quebec.

Selective immigration

Canada and Quebec practice a selective immigration. Only skilled foreign workers matching certain criterias, such as level of education, work experience, age and language skills will be eligible to obtain a work permit.

Temporary work permits

Immigration Canada does not offer specific programs for skilled workers so they must follow the general program and find an employer wishing to hire them and accompany them in their immigration process.

Canadian employers will have to prove they are unable to find qualified Canadian citizens or qualified permanent residents for the concerned positions. Also, they will have to prove that the hiring of foreign workers will not affect the Canadian labor market. For this, the employer must submit a file including a request for a Certificate of Acceptance for Temporary Work (CAQ) and a request for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). If Immigration Canada and Immigration Quebec answers are positive, the foreign worker will get a temporary work permit up to a maximum of 2 years.

Some categories of workers are exempted from LMIA. They have special programs that facilitate obtaining a temporary work permit.

This is particularly true for young workers aged from 18 to 35 whose countries of origin has agreements with Quebec and Canada. Among these programs, the Working Holiday Visa (PVT), and the Young Professional visa (YP) allow the young worker to obtain work permits for a period of 2 years.

Business people also benefits of special conditions and are exempted from CAQ and LMIA, according to the free trade agreements.

Permanent work permits

Obtaining a permanent work permit must be done through the permanent residency process. Getting the permanent resident status is a long and expensive process that is available to workers that wish to long-term settle in Quebec. The steps can be initiated from the home country and involve the provincial (Quebec) and Federal (Canada) governments.

The first step is to get a Certificate of Quebec Selection (CSQ). Each applicant is assigned a number of points based on various criterias to define the relevance of the coming of the foreign worker for the Quebec economy. Once CSQ is obtained from Quebec immigration, the permanent residence application must be sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (called CIC), which is in charge of legal and medical checks.

Workers who are already temporary residents in Quebec and who have a work experience can benefit from a light approach of this application through the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Business people can also benefit from an accelerated process if they are eligible for the investors category.