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Tasks description

The Database Administrator, often called "DBA" plays an important role in a company because the databases often contain important and sensitive information. The main task of the DBA is to ensure the availability, quality and security of the databases and the information contained therein. His current tasks include: designing and creating databases based on business requirements, configuration, maintenance, updating databases, in compliance with corporate security standards.

Required skills

The Database Administrator is an expert in the operation of databases. The DBA needs to know some programming languages to write scripts. The database administrator must also have a good knowledge of database management software. The DBA must also have good knowledge in IT security. To work as Database Administrator in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become a Database Administrator it is recommended to follow a technical training in IT to obtain a college or university degree. It is also recommended to Database Administrators to update its knowledge (i.e. on database management tools, IT security) through specific training and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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