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Tasks description

There are different types of IT Architects: Technical Architect, Systems Architects... IT Architect title is a generic title that allows us defining the role in a more general way. Title of IT Architect is a generic title for defining the role of general. The role of the IT Architect is to define and design the technical architecture of information systems. A complex mission that requires advanced technical skills. But its mission does not stop there. The Technical Architect must also continually verify, correct and evolve the architecture of the information system so that it continues to be effective and efficient for the organization. Its role is to set standards or procedures that are used in the information system.

Required skills

The IT architect must have very good general technical knowledge (IT infrastructure, software development, databases, networks, computer security etc.) to have a global vision.


To become an IT Architect, it is recommended to follow a technical training in IT to obtain a college or university degree. It is also recommended for the IT Architect to update its knowledge through specific training and obtain relevant professional certifications. It also takes many years of experience to get the role of IT Architect. Most of the time, former developers or technical project managers are the ones who access to this type of position.

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