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Tasks description

The .Net Developer uses the .Net environment for designing applications. The .Net platform is a proprietary platform developed by Microsoft. The .Net Developer can program in C# or VB.NET, using Visual Studio as development tool. The main tasks of a .Net Developer include: maintain the existing code and program new applications or features using  .Net technology, analyze cients' requirements, participate in the design of software architecture, perform the tests and debugging applications.

Required skills

The .Net Developer must know the .Net environment including the programming languages C# and/or VB.Net. He must also know Visual Studio the development tool that allows him to develop .Net applications, whether web, mobile, Windows and others. Additional knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SQL databases are often required in this type of position. The .Net Developer must demonstrate rigor and precision in the writing of the code, so that a creative spirit. He must also be curious and interested in new technologies in its field to maintain its technical expertise. Most development teams now evolving into a collaborative framework (Agile methodology), the .Net Developer must also demonstrate a sense of listening and effective communication, with a strong teamwork spirit. To work as .Net Developer in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become a .Net Developer, it is recommended to follow a technical computer training at the university level (BAC). It is also recommended to .Net Developers to update their knowledge by following specific courses and obtaining professional certifications relevant to their profession. Microsoft certifications are highly valued by employers who recruit .Net Developers.

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