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Tasks description

There are different types of IT Analyst: Technical Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, or even BI Analyst. IT Analyst is a generic title that allows us defining the role in a more general way. The role of the IT analyst is to identify, evaluate and validate the technical, functional and business needs to make improvements to existing IT systems, or in order to implement a new solution. The IT analyst can work internally within an organization or doing consultancy on IT projects for external clients. The IT Analyst meets the project stakeholders to gather the information necessary for the preparation of documentation that will serve as a reference for developers. Depending on the type of organization, the IT Analyst may also be involved in the project implementation phase and in the post-implementation monitoring. It will include ensuring that the needs were met or providing training to users.

Required skills

In addition to technical skills, The IT analyst must have excellent communication skills, and good capacities for listening, analysing and writing documents. The IT Analyst is someone who has an eye for detail and works in a very structured way. The IT analyst must also have specific knowledge in certain business areas to better understand and analyze business processes. To work as an IT Analyst in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become an IT Analyst, it is recommended to follow a training to obtain a college or university degree. in It or any other relevant field. It is also recommended for the IT Analyst to update its knowledge through specific training and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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