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Tasks description

The main role of the IT Manager is to ensure that IT meets the needs of the organization. The IT Manager is responsible for the entire IT within the organization: he oversees applications, IT infrastructure, IT asset management, material and human. He is involved in the strategic choices and often participates in the management of IT projects. Generally, when the size of the organization and IT department are smaller, the role of the IT Manager is more technical; and when the size of the organization and IT department are bigger, the role of the IT Manager is more strategic.

Required skills

The IT manager needs to have very good general knowledge of IT in order to have an overall vision. He must have good knowledge on the application side (corporate applications, software development) and of the infrastructure side (hardware, software, network, servers, telephony, computer security etc.). He must be able to put in place processes to improve IT services. The IT manager must also be experienced in IT project management, and in budget planning. He also is a team manager, he manages human resources, which requires excellent communication skills. To work as IT Director in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become IT Manager, a good education is not enough, you must first accumulate many years of experience in various positions in IT. However it is recommended to follow a technical training in IT to obtain a college or university degree. It is also recommended to the IT Managers to update their knowledge through specific training and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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