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Tasks description

The Full-Stack Developer is a versatile developer who is capable of developing the Front-End and Back-End sides of an application or a website. The Full-Stack Developer is at ease to develop user-friendly interfaces as well as to develop the basic logic of an application, including software and databases architecture. The Full-Stack Developer is also involved in testing applications, and depending on the type of organization, he may also be responsible for the deployment and the production environment.

Required skills

The Full-Stack Developer must demonstrate advanced programming skills regardless of the programming language (C #, Java, C ++, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.). He has very good knowledge in databases, testing, software architecture etc. The Full-Stack Developer must demonstrate rigor and precision in the writing of the code, so that a creative spirit. He must also be curious and interested in new technologies in its field to maintain its technical expertise. Most development teams now evolving into a collaborative framework (Agile methodology), the Full-Stack Developer must also demonstrate a sense of listening and effective communication, with a strong teamwork spirit. To work as a Full-Stack Developer in Montreal, it is best to speak French and English.


To become a Full-Stack Developer, it is recommended to follow a technical training in IT to obtain a college or university degree. It is also recommended for the Full-Stack Developer to update its knowledge through specific training (i.e. programming langages, databases...) and obtain relevant professional certifications.

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